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Collecting Continuing Education Credits

Each Approved member is responsible for collecting 30 ( 42 for Instructors) C.E. credits in a three year term. Each member must complete the C.E. Form annually and submit it with their Annual Dues each January Each member will submit copies of course certificates or initialed statement of wellness fair or seminar attendance if required for verification. The membership Director will note the total number of credits per member per year – any questionable credits will be sent to the Education Committee for verification. The membership director will note when the total 30/42 credits are due for each approved member. All Approved members prior to 2016 have their first term due January 1, 2019 Members need to be aware of the date of their own Approved Membership Term for C.E. Credits and must keep a record for their own files

Wellness Fair Options

1              When the RABC purchases a table space at a multi-disciplinary event such as the Vancouver Health and Wellness Fair which is held annually at the Convention Center  (this year on March 3,4,5, 2017)  then the RABC pays a high fee to be there so ALL donations are collected and given to the RABC treasurer – in turn the money is then divided among the expenses and to pay the practitioners for attending the fair to provide services to the general public. C.E. Credits are also collected by each practitioner for each hour attending the fair. ( a time sheet is monitored by the event coordinator). Free admission to the fair for the day(s) of attending, however,  all other practitioner expenses are a personal business expense. Equipment is provided by the RABC

2              When a private company requests the attendance of reflexology practitioners at their private wellness fair and the RABC is not initiating the request and is not paying to be there then the practitioners are considered independent volunteers who are promoting their own business and representing the benefits of membership to the RABC.  The private company either pays for their employees to receive services by giving the practitioners a per diem OR the company promotes the event and ensures that the employees are prepared to pay for the services rendered and all funds go to the practitioner(s). C.E. credits are collected and verified by event coordinator. All practitioner expenses are a personal business expense. Equipment is provided by the practitioner or arrangements made to borrow from RABC.

3              When you as an independent practitioner take the initiative to participate in your own wellness event and therefore promote yourself and your company. You pay for the event and collect fees as you see fit and consider the event a business expense. C.E. credits are collected. Equipment is provided by the practitioner or arrangements made to borrow from RABC. 

4              When the RABC sponsors an event such as the World Reflexology Week or the AGM then practitioners pay to attend and then gain C.E. credits for attending. Equipment is provided by RABC.

5              These general rules are subject to change.


Continuing Education Courses/Workshops/Events for Practitioners - offered by registered RABC Instructors

See Instructor websites for scheduled courses/workshops


For the application form and more information,

download the document about Continuing Education

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